Your WMEX “Good Guys”

Gary James

WMEX 105.9 FM morning man Gary James

Gary started in radio at the tender at age 15 at WMAS AM in Springfield, MA. He was hired as a board operator thanks to his mentor, Dick Booth. After high school he got his first on-air job at WARE 1250 AM in Ware, MA. He must have liked it because he stayed there for 18 years! While there he also worked at WDRC 1360 AM in Hartford and WMEX 1150 AM in Bostonpart time,and Gary was also program director of co-owned WAVI 1380 AM in Portsmouth, NH.When WARE was sold, the new owners decided to clean house, which was a great break for Gary because he landed a full-time job at WMEX in Boston and served as the morning show host and Program Director. From there it was off to WDRC FM in Hartford as program director and on the air in the afternoon. He left to go to WKNE FM in Keene, NH, and then to WHYN AM/FM in Springfield, MA; Gary couldn't resist going to the station he grew up listening to! He got to do the morning show on WHYN 93.1 FM, and from there he went to WBYY “The Bay” 98.7 FM in Dover, NH. The opportunity arose to put WMEX back on the air and it was reborn at 106.5 FM with the original music and jingles from the 1950s and ’60s, with help from the original star of WMEX 1520 AM in Boston, Arnie “Woo Woo” Ginsburg. Since WMEX in Rochester, NH, was sold and changed format, Gary has since signed on yet another WMEX with lots of help from too many people to mention, including a grant from the Rochester Rotary Club.

Gene  Vallee

WMEX 105.9 FM Sunday morning host Gene Vallee!

Your Sunday morning oldies host, Gene began his radio career under the tutelege of two former New Hampshire radio personalities from WKBR, Pete Morrison, the News Voice, and Eddie B Baker.From there Gene has been an on-air personality, sales rep, marketing managerand station manager, for WKBR, WOTW AM, WOTW FM, WDER, WLKZ, WNNH, WGIR, WWNH and WMEX. Two formats he loves are the contemporary Christian songs from the 1970s and ’80s and the great radio oldies hits from the 1950s & ’60s!

Tim Richmond

WMEX 105.9 afternoon personality Tim Richmond!

In 1972, after a stint in the Navy, Tim got into broadcasting, at stations throughout Southern New England, including WESO AM & FM, WDEW, WHVY FM, WXLS FM, WADS, WRCH FM, WRCQ, WQQQ, and of course, WMEX. “I’ve done everything from sweep the floor and make coffee, to jock, program director, production director, sales, and acting general manager. I’m a firm believer that radio should be fun for the listener and everyone involved. As long as that’s happening, a station will be successful!” According to Tim, “I had a midlife crisis in my forties, and instead of getting a bad comb-over and a Corvette, I decided I wanted to drive a 50,000-pound fire engine and help people.” Tim is now a career firefighter and state certified fire instructor, owns a voiceover studio, and operates Digital DJ, a mobile disc jockey service, as well as being the midday host on WMEX 105.9 FM.

Sal “The Hitman” Pacino

WMEX 105.9 FM evening DJ Sal “The Hitman” Pacino!

“As I was growing up all I could think of was being on the radio. I found myself hanging out at WMEX in Boston with Bud Ballou, a WMEX All-Star. I got my first radio gig at WMFO in Medford, Mass. And then I worked at WHDH in Boston. As time went by I heard WMEX was back in Boston and I got my first job there as a board op. where I did weather breaks on air. Then my big break came when Gary James asked me to fill in for him one morning and two weeks later I had my first full-time airshift from from 7 to midnight where I became known as ‘Sal Pacino’, The Boston Hit Man, the Godfather of Boston Rock & Roll. When WMEX closed down I went to WCGY then to WLYT from there to WWEM then to WRCA. Now I›m back to where Rock and Roll got its radio roots. I’m like a kid in a candy store to say the least!”

Dick Taylor

WMEX 105.9 FM DJ Dick Taylor!

Dick Taylor’s radio career started in the basement of his parents’ house in Massachusetts where he built an AM/FM radio station that broadcast to a five-block area of his neighborhood.Since 1967, he’s been in radio at stations such as WBEC, WBRK, WHOOPEE Radio, KOEL, KCRR, WLAN, WSUS, WFPG AM/FM, WOND, WTKU & WNNJ.He says, “After many years as a Market Manager it’s a thrill to be back behind the mike, as a Good Guy every Saturday morning on WMEX 105.9 FM!”

Larry Kratka

WMEX 105.9 FM Sunday morning DJ Larry Kratka!

Larry Kratka is the host and producer of “Nothing But Old 45s” and a seasoned broadcaster who has played most of the songs you hear on his show when he was on the air at radio stations from Massachusetts to Florida. The Connecticut native was the kid who would be playing records at school dances, and that translated to a long career in broadcasting and as a mobile DJ. Among the many radio stations he has worked at are WBEC AM/FM and WUPE AM/FM in Pittsfield, MA, where he spent 28 years on the air. In his spare time, Larry is a ham radio operator and a card-carrying member of the US National Weather Service SKYWARN program and has used his ham radio station in emergency situations several times, and contacted fellow ham radio operators from countries all over the world. He is also an award-winning photographer with a number of photo exhibitions to his credit.

Brian Battles

WMEX 105.9 FM evening weekend host Brian Battles!

Brian Battles was born in Hartford, CT, in 1957. In 1975 he went to the University of Connecticut and became a permanent fixture at UConn’s 3000-watt station, WHUS 91.7 FM. In 1977 he was hired by Operations Manager Tim Richmond to work at WXLS 98.3 FM in Willimantic, CT. During that time he got to be good friends with WXLS coworker the late Carl “Rocky” Beane, who later became PA announcer for the Red Sox at Fenway Park. In 1978 Brian was hired for a part-time gig as a DJ at WINY AM in Putnam, CT, and then later that year he became evening rock DJ at WCCC AM/FM in Hartford. When WCCC morning man Roscoe Gilmore left for WDRC, Brian moved to morning drive-time DJ on WCCC AM/FM, until the new permanent morning man was hired, a young DJ from WRNW in Briarcliff Manor, NY, named Howard Stern. After training Howard to take over the morning shift, Brian went back to 7 PM to midnight, and in 1980 he moved on to WBAB in Long Island (NY) as a DJ and Production Director. He came back to WCCC in 1983, then had a stint at WAQY FM in East Longmeadown, MA, and finally came back to WCCC in 1984/1985, and now does radio shows on WWUH FM and WMEX. Brianhas a son and daughter, and he manages and produces Dicey Riley, a Celtic rock band from Northampton, MA, and he’s been a NASCAR pit crew member and loves going to the races in Loudon, NH. He’s also a fan of the New England Patriots and the Boston Red Sox. Find Brian on Facebook as BrianBattlesCT and @BrianBattles on Twitter. He lives in Windsor, CT.

Hams on WMEX!

Did you know that several WMEX DJs are also FCC-licensed Amateur Radio operators? Ham radio is the perfect hobby for these hammy guys: Gary James, Brian Battles, Sal “The Hitman” Pacino and Larry Kratka are long-time members of this exciting public service pastime! Click here for more about ham radio